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Importance of a good sleep

Many people are not aware how important sleep is and that sleep deprivation can cause many physical (heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity) and mental problems (memory loss, mood swings, depression, low sex drive). In general, it impacts almost every area of our life. For an adult it is recommended to sleep about 8 hours per night. That means we spend almost one third of our life in the bad. It’s not a small amount, but, except enough time for sleep, it is very important how good quality it is.

There are many things that might affect a good night sleep. For example, it’s not recommended to eat heavy food before going to bed or drink alcohol or beverages with caffeine. Smokers usually think that cigarettes help them relax, but instead they have stimulating effects. Also, a bad habit for many people is watching television or working on the computer right before going to bed. In that way we don’t allow our brain and body to calm down naturally. Our bedroom should be just for sleeping - not for working or digital entertainment.

You should also pay very much attention about what you sleep on. The type of mattress and pillow depends on your individual needs. So, the best is the one that feels the most comfortable to you, so that you don’t wake up with pain in your back and/or neck. Today many people are willing to sacrifice few hours of sleep for the sake of more fun or more hours of work, but before you do that ask yourself - is it really worth considering the consequences that sleep deprivation or low quality sleep can cause?