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Hard mattresses are not comfortable

This is a prejudice of many people. They believe they can't sleep well if under they back is hard mattress but many researches showes it's not true. On the contrary, it can be excellent support for their back. For many years physiotherapists recommend hard mattresses for people with back problems.

A good mattress should maintain the normal posture of the spine and soft mattresses usually don't allow that. On a very soft mattress the lower back sink too far into it, throwing the spine out of alignment and making extra pressure on the muscles, ligaments and spinal joints. Even if they feel cozy in the beginning of the night they wake up with beck pain.

After long time sleeping on the soft mattress it may not be easy to switch on hard ones and it may be uncomfortable for some time but in a few days that feeling of discomfort disappears and being replaced with nights of a good sleep.

Back sleepers often choose hard mattresses because pressure on the body is more evenly distributed than is the case of stomach and especially side sleepers.

Hard mattresses are especially good for heavier people because it will be strong enough to take the weight of someone’s body without sagging and it will last longer.

One of the options, if you realize you would still like softer mattress or you split bed with someone that doesn't want to sleep on hard mattress, is to add memory foam topper on it or on the half of it so you can have both. Or, there are stores that give a trial period for mattresses so it can be returned if it doesn't fulfill someone’s needs.

Hard mattresses can be made with a variety of materials and technologies so someone can choose the one that suits their needs, tastes and budget.

Also, choosing the hard mattress can be part of someone’s culture, especially Asian. They are well known for their thin mattresses, futons, and it feels hard almost as sleeping on the ground but they claim that it's the best for their back and it also spends less space because it can be easily moved from the ground and put away.