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Mattress reviews are an important part of your mattress purchase research. They give you information you can't find from manufacturers or stores, and share other's reactions and experiences to their mattress purchases. You can use mattress reviews to help you narrow your selection between mattress styles, like inner spring, latex, futon, or air mattresses, and then among the different manufacturers of the mattress style you settle on. Read them on the internet and ask friends and family about their mattress thoughts as you shop for your next mattress.


IKEA Mattress

IKEA creates mattresses that are available o many because they are usually not expensive. The price ranges from few hundred dollars to maximum of one thousand dollars. IKEA mattresses can be put in three categories:

  • IKEA Spring Mattress
  • IKEA Foam Mattress and
  • IKEA Latex Mattress

As listed above the least expensive is spring mattress where most expensive is latex mattress. However the fact is that all these material might be used in combination in one mattress, where spring mattresses might have a thin layer of foam or latex on top.

IKEA Spring Mattress has the least quality and customer satisfaction. Customer mattress reviews have indicated that mostly they are not happy with the longevity of the IKEA Spring Mattress and the level of firmness. IKEA firm mattresses where those who wish to have other levels of firmness will be more satisfied with other IKEA mattresses. The good side of IKEA Spring Mattress is that it has no initial odor, it is very light and it has good motion isolation, which in most cases is one of the important things in the mattress quality.

IKEA Foam Mattress is much better mattress from IKEA, where customer reviews have indicated more than 75% of overall satisfaction. The thing that people like about IKEA Foam Mattress is that it is not too expensive and the highest price that you need to pay for one is no more than $700. Also foam mattresses have good motion isolation which will bring good night sleep if you are sharing bed with a partner. IKEA also made sure that foam mattress have potential to reduce any back pain. IKEA Foam Mattress is very good for back, side and stomach sleep which makes this mattress one of the best mattresses from IKEA. The mattress is not heavy so in some cases like to flip the mattress in order to avoid sagging. And one of the best things from IKEA is the warranty period of 20 years, but IKEA Foam Mattress rarely lasts this long.

For IKEA Latex Mattress it is enough to say that over 80% of customer reviews show great satisfaction. This shows that latex mattress from IKEA is something that is worth buying and the price range is really not high. You can get IKEA Latex Mattress from $400 to $1,000 which is really not high when you consider what you get in this price range. Latex mattress often shows good motion isolation, and this is the case with IKEA Latex Mattress as well. Latex mattress has reduced noise when lying down and it has great dust mite resistance which is very good, considering that other mattresses have many problems with dust mites.